review, FitStar Premium

FitStar appI was poking around the iTunes app store and saw FitStar (app). -link takes you to the site which will tell you all about it  The first thing I noticed is it links to MyFitnessPal (free desktop and app), which is my Love for tracking nutrition. It’s a bonus is something tracks fitness/ movement there because I do not love manually tracking! My Fitbit also links to MFP, which I adore!

I’m a big fan of having a bazillion workouts/ programmes at your disposal. I understand that hopping around from programme to programme means you don’t achieve a particular goal…but my goal is: Move when I can, Rest when I have to.

Sometimes I feel like pulling up the Sworkit Pro app. Sometimes, I’m in a place where my recovery is better and I have more time, so I rock YAYOG (You Are Your Own Gym) or play p90X. P90X3 is another great addition to my arsenal because of shorter WOs. Other times, I’m able to commit to my favourite, ChaLEAN Extreme or toss in some TurboFire/ TurboKick. I always recommend! And I’m delighted that FitnessBlender exists (online, see them at youtube to avoid the sales pitch). -are the new readers gone yet?

Point is, I’m all over the place and I know it. Have I finished ANY programme? Yes, several and several ’rounds’ of different ones!


While loving P90X3, as I said, I saw this app and downloaded it for the Basic or free version. I only have iPhone, not iPad, so it’s pretty small on my middleaged eyes but it’s still feasible to use.

After a week, I paid for a yearly subscription to Premium for all access.

YAYOG is great, don’t get me wrong! FitStar is like…astoundingly well made. It’s elegant. You do a fit test and then pick which type of programme suits you. I started on the one for general health (sorry that I can’t remember the name, you’ll see it) but the fit test recommended that I go for strength. While I do agree with that assessment, I didn’t feel well at the time (had come off a gluten cross-contamination and I’m Celiac, yo PLUS I’d only learnt that I’d been poisoned for months with black mould, so yeah, not so shiny). I chose a lower goal then.

After purchasing Premium, I switch programmes to Get Strong, which is suggested and what I’d prefer anyway! :)

Am I getting stronger? I’m not back to what I’d gained from 2.5 weeks of P90X3 before struck down by sickness but I’m leaning out a little. The roll of fat above my umbilical is almost gone, so that’s good! The fact that I’m doing FitStar makes me more interested in moving more otherwise. I’ve been getting above 10,000 steps a day since starting it and that’s because my metabolism is firing. Kewl. I recommend FitStar for anybody at whatever level you are right now. Try the Basic / Free version. What do you have to lose?

(Oh, and as-always, I received NO money, services or anything from this review. I’m just a broad with a free WP blog.)

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