review: Glutino Genius White Sandwich Bread

Genius by Glutino White Sandwich Bread

“Have you ever imagined eating gluten-free sandwich bread that is so tasty you don’t have to toast it? Genius by Glutino White Sandwich Bread is just that! Absolutely light and so delicious it makes the perfect lunchtime meal right out of the bag!”


Let me put it this way: if I wanted to eat bread that tastes like this, I can make my own from scratch that tastes better (albeit, it’s crumbly…but I’m not paying the money for xanthan gum!).

What can I say that’s nice about it? If you put enough Earth Balance Buttery Spread or Nutella on it once toasted, it only tastes wonky. The texture is toast-like…

Where was I? I didn’t like it and I will never buy it again. I’m not trying to be hateful but that’s some gnarly crap to have spent time/ energy and fuel to try (of course I bought loads of things, not just this!). You can live your whole life without doing this to yourself. Don’t buy it even if it’s the only thing in your area. You can do better yourself.

8 thoughts on “review: Glutino Genius White Sandwich Bread

    • I may be confused on names so I don’t want to be specific til I know but I *think* I’ve had UDI’s (not Rudi’s) and it was (certainly by comparison) the BOMB. I just have to get it again and do a proper review. I’m still gagging down this crap cos I’m too cheap to not eat it.

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