review: Steve’s Paleokits, Seasonal

paleokit seasonal packI’d never have gotten this without a special offer. It’s too expensive (for me) but the quality is amazing. If you make a lot of money or are independently wealthy? Stock up and donate some cash to send these out to kids, k?


There are ‘vacuum-sealed’ packages. Most are meat, nothing has gluten. I use the tag ‘paleo’ a lot but I’m not Paleo. At my best, I’m stricter-than-paleo. When I’m not, I’m sooooo not paleo.

This Seasonal pack (can’t say for others) is dried meat, ‘berky’ (dried berry-covered jerky) and chicken jerky. I haven’t eaten the Paleo Krunch ‘bars’ but I’ve had Paleo Krunch Cinnamon Swirl cereal. It’s amazing but it’s also like what I make, only I don’t use honey and cinnamon. It’s like they stopped food processing it before it got to the mush necessary to form into bars. And when it forms into bars you get: Paleo Krunch bars (see above).

The story behind Paleokits is this Steve feller coaches at-risk kids. He’d mix up dried meat, dried fruit, seeds and nuts for snacking and pass them out. They’re delicious but you really can do this at home. If you’re like me and don’t have a dehydrator, you can dehydrate in a low-temp oven and save a ton of money. It takes time, though, and it’s not vacuum-packed. My fruit and nut bars must be refrigerated and eaten within about 5 days or things start growing on them. It’s not much of a problem cos I’ll eat them all if given half a chance.

My overall review is: If you can afford it, buy it! If you can’t, make it!


I support this insert they included. I’ll rewrite it to Lily-Perfection below.

nutrition in 100 words

Eating Healthier:


Eat unprocessed food.


Choose food that grows,

nothing packaged or processed.

Support local farms when possible.


Vegetarians, skip the meat:

Eat animals, marine life, vegetables, nuts, seeds, 

and fruits. Eat plenty of healthy fats from 

 [grass-fed, not grain-fed] animals, fish, 

coconut, avocado, olives and cold-pressed oils.

Drink water.


Incorporate traditional, nutrient-dense food, 

fermented vegetables [like sauerkraut], organ meats,

and homemade [stock].

4 thoughts on “review: Steve’s Paleokits, Seasonal

  1. Good advice that comes with what I’m sure is good healthful product, but it’s kind of ironic to to see an insert that says to a shun packaged food accompanying vacuum-packed portions of anything. :)

    • Nice catch! I don’t make my own jerky, though, and it’s hard to find guaranteed GF. Oberto is but it’s not marketed well here.

      I end up buying on Amazon! This was a nice try but their sweets are too easily made myself–and when I make them (as I admitted in the link to my recipe), I gorge. No bueno!

  2. Your ‘Lily-perfection’ summary pretty much nails it. The more a food is processed the less likely it is to be good for health.

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