review, Hillbilly Wisdom: Get yer some liniment! Salonpas? Non!

I’ve heard so much love for Salonpas patches that I bought some the last time I was at Costco. (apparently the cheapest place for them)

I’ve had cause to use them several times and I’m wearing one right now.

It’s Absorbine Jr.* in a plaster.

I will never buy them again, even at the cheapest place in the world. A bottle of Absorbine Jr. is about 5USD and will last years. Throw-away plasters can be worn up to 8 hours (I’ve worn them longer) and then go into landfill. Why pay extra to make more garbage?

Absorbine Jr. is the company’s ‘human’ version of horse liniment. You may recall (here I go again, my favorite saw): I grew up on a working ranch.

We used Bag Balm (left it in the barn where we milked) for cow’s udders (bags) and horse liniment for horses and mules. We also used these products on ourselves!

It amused me greatly that the Flatlanders (non-Ozarkers) at work started talking about how great bag balm was for their skin issues. Who didn’t know? Well, what they don’t know about that stuff is what I don’t know about city stuff. I almost always go the wrong way down one way streets and avoid cities (driving). I’m like a lost three year old in the city! If you need me to sharpen your chain on the chain saw, I can do it.

That’s just one brand. I grew up using it, so I return to it. Deep Heat is another brand.

11 thoughts on “review, Hillbilly Wisdom: Get yer some liniment! Salonpas? Non!

  1. Funny! We did too. (Use those on ourselves) AND I’m allergic to the glue on those plasters, so I’d just as soon rub the good stuff on… albeit stinky.

    • Salonpas stinks, too. The reason I thought about making the post was because I’m sitting here with my eyes almost watering from the fumes ;p

  2. Does Bag Barn come in that pretty tin? We used to use vaseline on cow udders. LOL – I’m definitely a Flatlander – not a slope in sight where I grew up let alone a hill or mountain!

    • Ours were always in tins like that. Square! You’d (of course) save them after they were empty to hold small nails or washers :)

    • Bear in mind: absorbine jr costs about $5 and will last a long time. It’s MEANT for humans and is safe (test a spot, you can be allergic to anything).

  3. Lily,
    Are you going to write a book? Your memoirs would be a great read. You’re wise and funny and not a little loony–perfect! Thanks for the reminder about Absorbine Jr–and the environment.

    • I’ve written fiction (not trying to be published but a few novel-length pieces). I have zero interest in a memoir. My childhood was dark and full of terrors, as Martin wrote. It’s not a place I like to even think about.

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