review: Kinnikinnick Doughnuts, Vanilla

I’ve watched people eat doughnuts all day long and for 2 years, it had NO effect on me because I know with 100% assurance a lick of one will have me DOWN for several days. I mean as if you gave me arsenic. It affects me systemically (not just intestinal stuff but fever, swollen joints, nausea/vomiting and then days of explosive diarrhea).

-are the new readers gone yet?

BUT a couple of weeks ago I found an EVIL creation: gluten free doughnuts by Kinnikinnic. I loved them.

Vanilla Frosted Cake Donuts

Vanilla Frosted Cake Donuts

Had I not gone without doughnuts for over 2 years (longer than the Celiac diagnosis because I would try to avoid doughnuts ANYWAY because they’re DOUGHNUTS), I may not be so impressed but…I have one thing to say:

get in my belly!

Where was I?

If I had those evil bastards, I would shovel an entire box into my bouche. Hell, I’m thinking about making a special run. ::sigh::

Kinnikinnick, you jerks!

9 thoughts on “review: Kinnikinnick Doughnuts, Vanilla

  1. Did you know when you posted this that it’s National Donut Day? Just in case you needed another motivation to get one.

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