review, Louise’s Granola (Paleo, Gluten free)

-I got free stuff to review!

Louise offered to send me a package of one of her products en lieu of a review.

I happily consented.

Louise’s Foods sells via their website. It’s similar to PaleoKrunch or Kind and BareNaked.

I far prefer Louise’s.

…And not just because I got it free! I received one package of:

Louise’s ‘Chia-nola’ Cinnamon Raisin

loose Louise's granolaIt came in a zip-top, resealable envelope for freshness (see link above for their site’s items).

Each bag contains 9.5 servings of 30g (about 1/3C) dry.

When I first opened the bag, this incredible aroma wafted up. Listen, cinnamon is a friend of mine and this is rocking it!

The best part is the flavour! See very bottom for press release. I’m also stoked that I’ve eaten it for four days with zero reactions/ symptoms. 

I have a sweet tooth, don’t get me wrong. I eat sugar but when I’m choosing something healthy, I do not want the level of sweetness something like PaleoKrunch (even their Berky was too sweet) or even Kind bars. Hey, I like them but when I eat them, it’s candy. I love candy and if I choose candy for breakfast, I’m pretty much guaranteed a crap-day of eating as I’ll be hungry in 90 minutes. Ain’t gonna have that here!

Louise’s Granola (‘Chia-nola’) has the perfect amount of sweetness! I was a little worried since it had raisins and stevia but there must be an incredibly small amount of stevia per serving because it’s just lovely — certainly not too sweet.

I recommend this product:

a) tastes nummy and is nutrient dense with no fillers

b) it’s quick (not having to make it yourself) and healthy for breakfast or snack

c) for Celiacs and those who have issues with digesting ingredients in most packaged products

…and it’s ‘Paleo,’ if that’s your thing!

and that's breakies!

and that’s breakies!

I ate my first serving soaked overnight. It’s was fantastic! I’ve eaten subsequent servings prêt-à-porter. I use soya milk, which is not Paleo -there’s a health reason for me but you can use whatever you normally use. Just pour and pour-over or soak!

Nutrition info.

*** see following for press release ***

Why Louise’s Granola is Different (and Better)

For too long, food manufacturers like Kellogg’s and General Mills have sacrificed your health for cheaper ingredients and higher profits. They have loaded their products with sugars, preservatives, and ingredients you can’t pronounce.

We know that you want something better. You want a breakfast or snack that is both convenient and delicious, but one that is also nourishing for your body rather than toxic. Here’s how Louise’s Granola does just that:

• No Processed Sugars. Our Granola is sweetened only with raisins and a very small amount of stevia. The result is no sugar crashes, more sustained energy, fewer sugar cravings, and a more nutrient-dense meal.

• Nutritious Ingredients. Our Granola is made from Superfoods like chia seed, almonds, coconut flakes, and pumpkin seeds. These ingredients provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fats that nourish your body.

• No Toxins and All-Natural. None of our foods contain any preservatives, chemicals, or other toxins like gluten, all of which can wreak havoc on your body over time.

• Delicious. We enjoy our Granola with Coconut or Almond Milk, but many of our customers love it with yoghurt or by themselves.

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    • Wow! That’s a high stat. Italians (I hear) are very up on this and they have a high amount of people affected.

      It *is* hereditary, so it makes sense if it’s in a population, it’s going to keep adding up.

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