review, WARNING Beetnik Foods


“Bootin’ The Gluten” Gluten-Free Tasting Menu

In short: RUN AWAY!

Amazon Local offered a deal for Beetnik Foods: a GLUTEN FREE PACKAGE.

I’m Celiac, it’s hard to get gluten free foods that you didn’t buy and prepare yourself. This is something any Celiac would leap at: grass-fed meats and guaranteed gluten free prepared foods? Heck yeah!

Methinks not.

Methinks not.

Upon reading the packages warning that they were produced on lines that also contain WHEAT, I contacted Beetnik. I’m accustomed to people not understanding that gluten is a protein found in wheat and some other grains. I’m used to people not understanding cross-contamination. I’m NOT playing at some celebrity diet. I was born without the ability to digest this and it makes me very, very sick. I don’t get IBS. I have systemic responses that will lay me out for several days.

In my letter, I explained that I believed this was an educational issue. I wanted them to recognise the mistake, educate their workers on cross-contamination and I’d like gluten free replacements for the ones that were marketed as a GLUTEN FREE PACKAGE but was made on contaminated lines.

My desire was saving others from ordering expensive food they cannot possibly eat for their safety (and in hopes that Beetnik would correct this issue!).

Their response was that I should’ve read their site before ordering.

‘We go into detail here:

We also state very clearly that we do not recommend our food to those with Celiac Disease.’

Here’s the page I ordered from.

If they were conscientious, a warning would’ve been included THERE. If not there, then on their own site’s page detailing the package, at least. In other words, if it’s not a mistake, it’s false advertising.

Let’s put it another way: if you’re marketing something as ‘PEANUT FREE PACKAGE’ — you can imagine, those with peanut allergies are going to get excited. So, they read the ad up and down, then they go to your site’s page and read it up and down.

Then buy.

When individual items in the package say, ‘processed on lines that also handle peanuts,’ can you imagine them feeling like this was dangerous? They may contact you and ask that you make sure your workers no longer include items that have been cross-contaminated.

Company response: The buyer should’ve known that PEANUT FREE PACKAGE wasn’t intended for them. If they’d dug enough through web pages for long enough, they’d have found that. Bad Consumer.

No, Beetnik, YOUR bad.

12 thoughts on “review, WARNING Beetnik Foods

  1. Maybe it will take a few law suits before these people understand their responsibility.

    • Indeed. I’d read about their crappy customer service but like everybody else, didn’t believe it would happen to me.

  2. Whaaat?? I though Gluten-Free was a federally regulated label? Am I wrong? Because “products have fewer than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten” is NOT gluten free!!! UUUUGH.

    Oh wait, I see, that is the WHO’s standard for “gluten free”… so basically, gluten-free means chicken $h!t to someone with celiac. Great..

    “We recommend our products to people who have intolerance to gluten, but we do not recommend our products for people who have Celiac Disease.” And why are you buying a gluten free product if you tolerate gluten? WTF?!

    This really annoys me if you can’t tell. LoL

    • The FDA thing isn’t in effect YET but it’s also legislated to be ‘voluntary.’

      In other words…’words are wind.’

      That said, the ingredients and therefore PRODUCT can be 100% gf –but if run on a LINE that just ran something else, something that does contain gluten, it’s not even counted!

      I’m thankful that their 3rd party labelled it with the warning but BEETNIK absolutely markets this (the specific advert and their own page for the package(.

      Any reasonably responsible company would’ve put the disclaimer RIGHT THERE, not buried elsewhere.

      When contacted politely, a responsible company would’ve ventured to replace the items.

      My own company doesn’t handle food but we ABSOLUTELY work with out clients to ensure repeat business.

  3. Their response is insensitive in so many ways. I see that line with “peanuts” or “nuts” in place of the wheat on packages. I’ve never looked when ordering them online though to see if there is any information like that in their product description. It does seem to be a really important thing to note!

    I thought of you on the w/end when I bought a “paleo” cookie at the Farmer’s Market. It went very nicely with my cup of coffee – it’s the first time I’ve bought anything specifically labeled paleo. It seemed to be a little cottage-industry supplier.

    • Fancy thinking of me eating a cookie :D

      Yeah, it’s still fringe after 25 years though the zealots are like any brand of zealot. Paleo pretty much means completely unprocessed (you can cook, grind, cure, ferment but not using standardised chemicals or ‘weird stuff’ to do it).

      Then, grain free, (processed) sugar free (use maple syrup or dried fruits, etc) and it’s often dairy free. Since I don’t tolerate grains well (no wheat, barley and other gluten-containing grains at all) and can eat dairy but always with skin reactions?

      That label comes in handy!

  4. My Husband also has to have a Gluten Free diet, I’m so glad that I’d read this before ordering off of this company. If they can’t comply to thoes who can’t have WHEAT, RYE, BARLEY, OR OATS then they need not put in their ad that they have Gluten Free product. And as for their response it was very rude and uneducated they need to study upon this disease and so should the FDA. As far as I know a Dr. heads that up so you would think he or she would be upon this. Thanks for letting us know what you found out.

    • It was a while back now, so I’m over my fury but yes, it’s a real thing and professional people not taking it seriously means the world at large won’t take it seriously. Sad. I don’t go around making a big deal about MY disease but if you make a promise? I hold you to that. I have to because I don’t need having organ failure as my mum did. It’s THAT serious for us.

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