review, My week with 5-htp

Summary: Glad it works for you.

I was getting the best sleep of my life (that I can recall) for 2 solid weeks, maybe a bit more, when I started 5-htp. Why would I try it?

Well, the best sleep of my life is still a couple hours under optimum and I tend to not sleep long but I’d been getting a chunk of 2+ hours a night, which is unheard of in my world — before 5-htp.

A coworker has been enjoying his dosing, so I googled and read about it, finding the two most common benefits are great sleep and better digestion. HELLO?! I’ll bite!

I took 6 days of my own pills and 1 I borrowed from the coworker, making 1 week of 5-htp.

The first dose was at midday and I slept for crap that night. The duration of sleep ‘sessions’ (between waking up and flopping around for 15 minutes or more) was 10 minutes to 20, totalling about 3 hours of sleep.

The next 3 doses were of my own pills and it was the same except I took it upon bedtime.

When I’d normally have taken the 4th dose (that night), I opted OUT. I was too damned tired. I slept very broken, as well, but got 5 hours out of it.

Yeah. This.

Yeah. This.

The next morning, I took a morning dose, reckoning that I’ve done midday badly, nightly badly and if anything would work, it was up to morning dosing. I slept for shite.

Not wanting to give up on less than a week, I took another morning dose. Slept for shite.

This morning, I gave the bottle of 5-htp to the coworker! I give up. 5-htp does the opposite for me from what it’s meant to do. This isn’t completely unusual for me. I’m a freak who can chug coffee, then lie down for a nap.

EDIT: as I commented to V below, my biggest reason for quitting – apart from obviously feeling TERRIBLE from lack of sleep is I’ve reached the hallucination point. Yeah. Don’t sleep long enough and you hallucinate. I did it. At work. I’m going to have a lie-down on my 30 minute lunch break and pray that I sleep!

2nd EDIT: see link below to amazon reviews and Ang’s comment. She doesn’t take it for sleeping, she takes it for energy!

5 thoughts on “review, My week with 5-htp

  1. That’s too bad. It helped me pretty quickly, then I stopped taking it and was back to the old ways. I’m about to restock and try again.

    • It seems wildly popular for sleep and then somebody commented (not here), ‘Isn’t that for mood disorders? Depression?’ Well, it turns out, I suppose it’s MOST often associated with helping that. I’m far from depressed. Good lord. I’m hyper ;p

      After 7 nights of really, really poor sleep (and I’m used to crappy sleep but short durations and short totals consistently for 7 nights), I HALLUCINATED today. Scary.

  2. Eek! I take 5-HTP also and taking it first thing in the morning. It helps your body create serotonin which makes you ENERGETIC so never, ever take it before bed. I take a large morning dose and that is it. I don’t know if it helps or not as there are too many other factors when I take it (like taking my other vitamins too!). If it doesn’t work for you, then good idea to avoid!

    I take Vitamin Shoppe’s True Athlete ZMA with Theanine to aid with sleep. The ZMA helps repair muscles and reduce soreness while the Theanine aids in sleep. Maybe you could try something like that?

    • LOVE ZMA! I take it for soreness/ because I simply don’t heal with autoimmune. It’s sort of ‘auto-immune central’ but works for people who lift (just living in my body is like people who TEAR THEMSELVES UP!). Magnesium helps a lot of people sleep and doesn’t seem to do me *but* I swear (and this is science) it helps with poo (brings water to the bowels).

      About the 5-htp–NO KIDDING?! My bottle says bedtime and ‘all’ the reviews I read said bedtime, too. People getting 9 hours a sleep every night where they didn’t before. I wonder what’s up with that versus you and me?

    • Just for fun, here’s the amazon reviews, which (perhaps due to my skewing the results, since I was looking for it) seem to surround ‘sleep’ — also mood but whatever. Everybody says they sleep well. Also, I rechecked the bottle (had to ask coworker to read it since I’d passed it on) and absolutely: take a bedtime.

      I’m not saying that it doesn’t help with energy or shouldn’t be taken in the morning! I’m sharing this because it may be helpful to whoever comes here looking for the 5-htp review :)

      It you do night and it doesn’t work, try Ang’s version in the AM. I, of course, took it 3 nights, 3 AMs and one noon — all to the exact same effect. While it’s not for me, it could be for somebody!

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